5 of the Best African Styled Decor Ideas

If you are decorating your home and you love to play with colors and decorative objects, African interior designs are for you. You have a variety of colors, themes, and decoration pieces to play with and make a new creation by combining them aesthetically. A designer with refined aesthetics can see beauty and style even in a bare stone or a branch of a tree. It is not the object that beautifies your interior but the theme and aesthetic sense behind are working for it. Here are five of the best tips to decorate your home’s interior like a pro.

  • Vibrant Earth Tones
  • African culture and ambiance are of mostly warm, and vibrant colors like sunny yellow, burnt orange, scarlet red, earthy browns, and deep gold. Strong geometrics shown in black and white and other organic shades are very prominent in African culture. They use natural things like organic fibers, wood, handicrafts, statues, and linens to make interior decorations. You also do not have to these colors on every wall and window, but you can use these African inspired shades and prints by using a small object like couch cover, cushions, rugs, etc.

  • African Chic
  • African culture and interiors are not always plain, light tones, boring, or derivatives of yellow and browns only but there is great variation in colors, styles, arrangements, and ideas in making things more modern and appealing to the current generation. For example, African baskets made of jute are incredibly famous for decorating the interiors of your house. Light pastel shades are used to make it modern and soft.

  • African Style Seating
  • The chairs and sofas made of jute, rattan, and wood that we use as outdoor furniture are the main part of African interior designs. Butterfly chair design from the mid-century is also famous in African indoors. This chair is aesthetically so attractive and brilliant design that it is still not out of date even after being in use since it was first used by British and then Italian in Africa. This is a symbol of safari chairs in Africa. I bet that these chairs make your space sing with extraordinarily little support from other items.

  • Artwork
  • African art is usually in black and white sketches, or vibrant and bold colored paintings with all wrong proportions like an extra-long neck, and longer legs than other body parts. Mounting these kinds of silhouettes and other bold paintings on the wall will bring an African feel to the interior of your house.

  • Mix it Up
  • Mixing different artworks, fabrics, furniture, decorative crafts made of soil and wood will give a new face to an African centered home interior. You do not have to think much about which item will go together. Just pick it all up that attracts your eyes and bring it home. Making a corner with diverse kinds of African style paintings, vases, tables, statues, wall mounted Masks, Frames made from bird’s feathers, and a cushion with an earthy tone and fine lines on it will do wonders to your space. Just for your aesthetics to arrange all these things in any place in your house.