What does Lakay Mean? 


The English word for the Haitian Creole word Lakay is 'home'.  
Lakay se Lakay "Home is Home"! 

A Lakay woman "Fanm Lakay" 
Are you a Lakay woman?  ​A totally amazing woman! She loves family, and would do anything to protect it.

She's cautious, but a big romantic and dreamer. She craves a spiritual connection with another person, something that lifts her above and beyond the ordinary. Routine bores her, yet she is not attracted to crises or high-change situations either, as security is important to her. Highly creative, she needs to express herself in a few different avenues in order to derive the most satisfaction from life. Once befriended, she makes a fabulously devoted companion, as she values quality over quantity in the people department. When she finds people to adore, they are certainly well taken care of!

Our cause: 

Meet the children of COBBA Orphanage, a portion of our proceeds is donated to COBBA, it was created in 2008 by Pastor Valembrun Estinfil. Due to the extreme poverty level that many Haitians are forced to live every day, Many parents are unable to take care of their children in Haiti. Many children are left alone in the house when Mom and Dad if they are still around, are trying to find something for them to eat. Some have no access to clean water, no access to a medical clinic that's what most of them are facing every day. To start helping those in our community called Archaie, located on the North side of Port-au-Prince, the pastor started an orphanage. We currently have 24 children; ages 3 to 15 that we are trying our best to meet their needed every day, but it's not easy, we need help. The support we provide is for food, clean water, medical need, education, staffing, and shelter for these little ones.

These children need us, they need our love,  we sponsor these children, we provide a better life for them. These children need loving individuals and families who want to open their hearts to an underprivileged Haitian child.​ We provide financial support quarterly to help make their life a little easier. 

Support our cause!