This Woman Is Building a Home Goods Fulfillment Center

Let's Build A Home Goods Fulfillment and Distribution Center
First, let me start by saying thank you so much for your enthusiastic support through the years. I wanted to reintroduce myself to those who are new, I'm JoJo. I started @lakaydesigns in late 2014 out of a desire to have a more defined cultural representation in the home décor market and boy what a journey this has been. 

A little about me, born and raised in the US by Haitian descendants (hints the name Lakay which means 'Home'), my roots are both in Haiti and West Africa. Home Designs (Lakay Designs). Get it? 

My goal is to help everyone make their house a home with beautiful cultural pieces in less than 30 minutes. As Lakay celebrates 9 years of business touching 100's of thousands of families and friends through the years, I wish to continue this journey for 100+ years. 

I'm embarking on a little venture for @lakaydesigns and need your help to complete it. I'm working on a fulfillment and distribution center (yay)! Each purchase you make will go towards this venture. Be a part of something great.

Here's my call to action for you!

Share, comment, like, and most importantly buy a pack Africa-shaped shower hooks or a set of Gye Nyame bowls, click here: THE WORLD'S FIRST AFRICA-SHAPED SHOWER HOOKS™ or GYE NYAME BOWL AND UTENSILS SET to help complete the build out of this distribution.  My math is to sell 30,000 before Black History Month. 

So, what does a distribution center do?
Distribution centers are more like all-in-one logistics operations that store, pick, pack and ship products to fulfill customer orders — either to retail locations or directly to individual consumers. Distribution centers are commonly used by online retailers and ecommerce companies. 

Take a sneak peek at the location we have acquired. Let's make some magic!  

Don't forget to say hi on IG, Meta, YouTube as we continue to grow and create beautiful designs for your home.