About Us

About Us

Home is Home! Small batch manufacturing and distribution of African print designs for your home as well as everyday life.

Lakay Designs is a way for you to jazz up your home or business with gorgeous unique one of kind pieces. Taking extra care to choose  African print fabric that can inspire the most intriguing conversation. Designs that set the tone for your culture. 

We know YOU'RE different; you set your own standard! Show off your unique style with Lakay.  Lakay means 'Home' in Haitian Creole.  Yes, we are  Black-Owned and Operating. Although we make 90% of our designs ourselves, some of our items are outsourced to provide competitive rates.

What We Do

Lakay Designs opened its doors in 2015, drawing upon her love of cooking, home making, and valuable skill set developed throughout her career, the owner was ready to put it all to work in starting her own business. She identified a need in the African community, and thus was born Lakay Designs.

Of course there is more involved than just identifying a need. The owner regularly found shopping in outlying communities for the perfect home decor and accessories very different. Seeing the opportunity for an untapped market with great potential she and her family began the research stage of the business planning.

The owner’s family played a crucial role in supporting and helping her on this endeavor. Her family has been instrumental and encouraging throughout the journey.

But this adventure is just getting started for the owner and Lakay Designs. The Lakay Designs staff are taking the time to do the research and product knowledge to give customers the best quality available.

So even if you aren’t in the market for any specific kitchen, bathroom or home items, visit Lakay Designs to see what products are available. Lakay Designs also offers wedding registries, pre-orders, special request, wish list, and birthday registries to help get you the great gift for any special occasion.